dincer hepguler 3d source    

 Here you can find some of my 3d objects which i have made throughout all these years for TheSims game. The objects are all 3ds Max meshes. You can click on many of the objects to download a zip file which includes a 3dsMax mesh file and necessarry map files, all meshes are UWMapped. However some of the objects are donation gifts and you have to make a donation to receive the zip file to your mail adress. Please indicate which object you have donated for and please do not make a donation less than $5... You are free to use these meshes in anywhere you want. Indicating credit to the artist will be greatly appreciated...

moroccan 3sided mirror moroccan 3leg endtable moroccan hexagonal endtable moroccan hexagonal endtable moroccan hexagonal sink
moroccan octagonal table antique radio moroccan arch door moroccan arch door banana plant in moroccan pot
moroccan baravan bathroom cabinet bathroom counter open bathroom counter closed bathroom counter corner
moroccan bathroom rest moroccan bathroom rest breadbox breadbox cake dome
cd rack moroccan dining chair cheese board cheese plate beverage can
moroccan corner shelf egyptian chair egyptian endtable egyptian pedestal egyptian-vase 
egyptian loveseat  egyptian throne chair  egyptian stool  egyptian tomb   egyptian thronechair
 egyptian vase moroccan wall enclosure   endulus mirror  food plate  endulus garden sink
 moroccan gengon table  moroccan hanging lamp  moroccan hennalamp  egyptian horus symbol  moroccan throne chair
 kitchen dial  knives set  microwave oven  moroccan armoire  moroccan bookcase

moroccan chair moroccan chair02 moroccan chest moroccan closet moroccan desk-table
moroccan door moroccan floorlamp moroccan fountain moroccan heater moroccan loveseat
moroccan nightstand moroccan bed moroccan hottub moroccan toilet moroccan table 2x1
moroccan table lamp egyptian mummy bust of nefertiti paper towel holder egyptian papirus
moroccan pedestal sink moroccan pouf01 moroccan pouf02 egyptian relief anubis salami board
moroccan sanduk moroccan sedir moroccan settee shampoo bottle egyptian sphenks
spoon holder moroccan startable egyptian tomb relief moroccan diningtable big tea set
moroccan tegina moroccan throne chair tin can egyptian stone relief mask of tutankhamen
chest of tutankhamen moroccan wallplate moroccan trunk    

                                                                                                                                                          ana sayfa