dh sims site ads policy

The Sims game is a life simulation game from Maxis. The game is actually manipulating the life of characters in their daily activities. You create a home for them and furnish with furniture they can use. At this point the game turns into going shopping and choosing furniture, appliances and decoration pieces for your sims. The stuff supplied by Maxis is limited and therefore many talented people started creating usable objects for the game worldwide. Thousands of sites are filled with sim game stuff all over the world available for free downloding and using in the game by millions of gamers. In this way, the sims game turned into worldwide free shopping which is extremely loved by people. The Sims game became the most participated game in the world. Our site is one of the well known sim stuff shopping centers and also well admired with the quality of the objects created. The objects created by Dincer Hepguler is decorating thousands of virtual homes all around the world. Now, we have a special offer for furniture manufacturers and home decorators... Do you want your furniture be seen by millions of people?.. Do you have a decoration piece that you want to advertise?.. Are you a wallpaper or floor tile manufacturer?.. If the answer is yes, then send us the details of your commodity, such as a picture or a drawing and let us create your object in 3D graphics and place it to our site for thousands of people to freely download and use in their virtual homes. We can also add a brief description and your advertisement such as your address and tel-fax or web page url inside the object definition to be viewed by the buyer.. Your commodity will be present and viewed in that virtual home as long as it is liked and preferred. That is, it will reach and be preferred directly by your target consumer... And one day he or she will decide to purchase your commodity in real life for a real home... Then, what are you waiting for?.. We are charging only $100 per object for this promotion... Contact the webmaster for details from one of the following addresses: