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astronomy is one of the astonishing areas where anyone can deal with. wonders of the skies takes you away from everyday issues and stress. as an amateur astronomer i strongly recommend every stock trader or anyone with a job which has stress in it, to deal with astronomy. watching heavens during a clear night is invaluable experience for anyone. if you think that this is hard job, you are very mistaken. neither expensive equipment nor scientific knowledge is needed for starting amateur astronomy. even bare eyes are enough to releive daily stress off you. i began amateur astronomy with a binocular and a sky atlas given by a magazine. later i purchased a small telescope and a planetarium program for my computer. this program enables you to easily find and locate objects in the sky and later to watch them by the telescope. after some time passes and you are experienced enough, you will improve your knowledge through research and also your equipment. the bigger the telescope its better. but later you will realize that even the biggest amateur telescope has some limits. then you will canalyse your efforts to research being done by professionals. you can be a member of amateur astronomer communities and carry on research by the equipment of these university observatories or you can more easily carry on research by your computer. that is, you can use internet as the most sophisticated equipment and watch heavens with the eyes of hubble, the best telescope mankind has made. i confess that after all these years, best amateur astronomy is made by a pair of binoculars. get one and look at our satellite, the moon. if the moon is not a full moon you will be astonished by the detail you will see. try to see the edges of the craters and the shadows made by the hills around the craters. it is amazing experience.

these hubble space telescope images are placed here as samples of the wonders of skies. please visit from time to time because I will present you with these kinds of  astonishingly different  images whenever I find one. if you are interested in any of these images for detailed information, please feel free to contact me from my e-mail at dhepguler@hotmail.com indicating the name of the image ( i.e. astro1.jpg, astro3.jpg ) then you will receive more astronomical information about that peculiar image.I have a collection of these kinds of images -hundreds of them amongst which some are selected to be presented here.


you can reach hubble space telescope images via hubblesite.org  and http://jpl.nasa.gov adresses of nasa. 

enjoy the nasa educational links at http://amazing-space.stsci.edu/ghunter and http://amazing-space.stsci.edu/mastermind 

Through years I have been watching the sky from my terrace. Lately I used to have a small 60mm refractor and a pair of modest binoculars which served me to keep my enthusiasm about amateur astronomy. Although it was a small telescope it was a joy for me to watch the rings of saturn with my own eyes. Later I bought my 150mm Maksutov which opened me new gates to the space. From time to time I will present here some amateur astrophotograpy taken with this telescope. As an amateur photographer it was irresistable for me to grab some images from heavens... Actually I have been taking astronomic photos with my DSLR camera too. with the help of my 400mm telephoto lens I capture many interesting scenes... I use a blackened x-ray film to take photos of sunspots... Shared here some of them:

SunSpots AR2396

Some of my 2012 Venus transit photos: 

Some moon photos:

Half moon... Crescent Moon 2014
Some interesting moon pics... Blue moon on leftmost image is the lens artifact. rightmost image shows crescent moon, jupiter and venus conjunction on Sept 10th 2009.  Rose moon rising...


Jupiter photos taken with my DSLR attached to my Konus 150mm Maksutov, images processed with AS2 and PS: 

Saturn Left images are my Saturn photos, right image is Mars at closest opposition on october 2020... The rightmost image is Orion region taken with 50mm prime lens and CLS clip-filter attached to my Canon 550D... Orion


Left is an 12min animation showing the rotation of Jupiter and Gallilean moons... Right images are jupiter and saturn at opposition on summer of 2021...Left

Sounds Of Cosmos:

Sound of Crab pulsar:

Sound of Vela Pulsar:

Sound of a black hole:

Sound of 2 neutron stars collide:

Sound of 2 black holes collide:

Sounds of Gamma Ray Bursts:





At left you can watch the jerky Venus transit video I made in 2012. Animated GIF at right shows the partial lunar eclipse on Sept 7th 2006 at 19:45 Ankara skies... Taken with my Panasonic DMFZ30 at 420mm 21 frames total... Processed in ImageReady as animated gif...
near-full moon Neximage webcam@f6,3

This is my first astrophotograph taken with my 150mm Konus Maksutov Cassegrain telescope equipped with Neximage webcam at f6,3 reducer, 30sec exposure, image processed with Registax. Image date 12Oct2008 21:30hrs from Ankara, near-full moon and sky was a little foggy, seeing not so good...

Check out my telescope mods for remote shooting and focusing at my projects page...



 My thoughts about the unanswered questions about the cosmos...

feel free to contact me through my adress at  dhepguler@hotmail.com