who is borsaci...
borsaci is someone who is around imkb (turkish stock market) since its foundation. he was dealing with the stock
market since his education in middle east technical university and later while his masters degree in the same univ.
in those years a physical stock market was not existent and he used to trade stocks with local bankers of the time.
later he took his place in the market with the establishment of imkb.during 1989-1990 he dealt with trading stocks
in the non computerized board system, lack of communications devices of today in a very small market. he also experienced various crises (indeed disasters) such as devaluations, gulf war and soros crisis. he is still in the
market and struggling.
( I am still standing, yıkılmadım ayaktayım, yani...)
        borsaci is someone who has many hobbies. he is environmentalist, loves animals and plants, he has many of
these in his living environment. astronomy and astrophysics are his major curiosities. he used to spend much of
his nights behind a telescope. graphic arts, especially photography, computers, virtual reality, 3d animation are
also his areas of interest. the communications revolution of the century, i.e internet, is his major hobby. that is
the main reason of the establishment of this site. also to share knowledge and experiences about turkish stock
market with other investors throughout the world via internet. by the way, borsaci means -the one who deals with
stock market- in turkish.

        he will be very pleased to exchange ideas and suggestions through his e-mail at borsaci06@hotmail.com

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