my garden

my garden is actually my terrace... i live in the center of the city, small apartment at the 8th floor of a building... my terrace is bigger than my apartment... we live outdoors most of the year when the weather is good... here i want to present you the plants in my garden and the experience of 30yrs of terrace gardening... first rule begins with a good water insulation and a well planned watering system... i use manual watering and automated drip watering systems together... manual watering is good for inspection of your plants whereas automated watering system saves time and lets you leave your garden for a few days... otherwise you cannot go for a holiday... second rule: you must have some sort of a greenhouse... this is a must for your planting the seeds and having a shelter for wintering of some of your plants... third rule: try to keep your pots light... dealing with heavy pots is a burden in terrace gardening... so you must decrease weight by selecting plastic pots and use of substances like torf, perlite or foam in your pot soils... basic rule is do not have a pot that you cannot carry... another rule is pest control... pests attack your plants more in a terrace garden than a ground garden... your plants are in pots and concrete everywhere which makes lack of moisture at your terrace... try to avoid chemical pesticides and try to use organic ones... i learned my lesson after losing all my bees and useful bugs in my terrace... begin pest control at early spring-late winter and use organic pesticides... this way you will have bees and bugs crucial for pollenisation and will not have to pollenise your fruit trees and vegetables yourself with a brush... after turning to organic pesticides i was astonished to see the amount of useful bugs and butterflies visiting my terrace in the middle of the city... especially the bees and ladybugs are a must for your garden... ladybugs eat mites and help your roses be healthy and beautiful... the last rule is that, your plants are in same pots for years and they consume useful minerals and food they need from the pot soil... so external  fertilization is of great importance... you can use regularly any kind of fertilizers, chemical and organic... also soil richening bacterial compounds are of great importance in terrace gardening...

overall views from my terrace

individual plants from my terrace

cactus venus fly trap (carnivorus plant) venus fly trap (carnivorus plant) hyacinthus cactus
rosa sinencis Rhipsalidopsis nepethes (carnivorus plant) buxus strawberry flowers
lilium lilium black rose pink rose sandersonia
fresia Thumbergia alata cheery tomatoes malva
giant datura giant datura rudbeckia rudbeckia egg plant (aubergine)
yellow rose gazania double hollyhock rosea sinencis water melon
morning glory aster datura&morning glory giant dahlia olives
chrisantemum rosea sinencis lilac wild rose yellow rose
clematis orange rose yellow daisy wild radica ( dandelion) roses
fox glow (digitalis) dwarf carnation red rose lilac rose red rose
orange rose yaffa ice Nasturtium (latin flower) yaffa ices lilium
nemesia adeniums miniatuýre rose morning glory adenium flower
calendula yaffa ice dahlia arctotis sunflower (teddy bear)
dwarf morning glory (convolvulus) dwarf morning glory (convolvulus) morning glory morning glory (japanese) swan river daisy
strawberry mignonente clematis red rose anagallis
geranium (white) sweet pea careopsis rudbeckia rudbeckia
rudbeckia carpenthea verbena snap dragon campanula
cherry tomatoes poached egg plant nemesia snap dragon nemesia
pink rose sweet willam cherry tomatoes apple flower begonia
belamcanda statice statice statice arctotis (yaffa ice)
rudbeckia double datura (double) red aster double morning glory bee hotel
gerbera lettuce apricot orange rose dahlia
pink double aster blue ipomea violet double datura yellow double datura penstemon
double dark blue ipomea white double datura white giant ipomea splash petunia japanese giant pink ipomea
double red ipomea ipomeas mushroom yellow double datura geraniums
dahlia rudbeckia calendula geranium adenium
lilium digitalis purpuria digitalis alba penstemon clematis
lilac salvia dwarf apple dwarf pommegrade morning glory tree
nepenthes (carnivorus plant) morning glory double hollyhock chinese elm
dwarf plum tree pinguicula wesser (carnivorus) dwarf pommegrade digitalis purpuria
ball carrots blue ipomea delphinium japanese giant ipomea violet double datura

 wildlife in my terrace

Pieris Rapae (white angel) Arigynnis Aglaja (beautiful pearl) Issoria Lathonia (spanish queen) Issoria Lathonia (spanish queen) Arigynnis Aglaja (beautiful pearl)
Vanessa Cardui Vanessa Cardui Pieris Rapae (white angel) Pontia Chloridice (small dotted angel) Plebeius Agestis (muliple eyed brown)
Plebeius Agestis (muliple eyed brown) Euchloe Ausonia (mountain eucles) Euchloe Ausonia (mountain eucles) Plebeius Agestis (muliple eyed brown) Dragon fly
giant hopper Common honey bee bees feeding on datura flower common honey bee macroglossum stellatarum  (Hummingbird Hawk-moth )
macroglossum stellatarum  (Hummingbird Hawk-moth ) unknown bug red ladybug red ladybug orange ladybug
city Gecko Gecko male sparrow Pigeon female sparrow


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